Our Story

Kevin Brown, The Engagement Specialist, started his career in the jewelry business working as a diamond jewelry wholesaler in the New Orleans area. This entailed actually working with and selling directly to jewelry stores. One day Kevin left a particular diamond on consignment with a jewelry store so that they could sell it to one of their customers. Upon returning to that store the following week to drop off another piece of jewelry, Kevin saw that same diamond in the case for sale with a price tag next to it. However, the price was almost 3x times as much as he was selling it to the jeweler for! From that point on something clicked inside Kevin. People were absolutely paying way too much by purchasing a ring from a jewelry store. They could be getting the same exact thing for thousands less.

New Orleans Engagement Ring Specialist

Kevin fell in love with the jewelry business, and his mindset was that he would one day open a jewelry store, except his jewelry store would do everything in its power to keep its overhead low so that it could also keep its prices extremely low for his customers. Before jumping into opening his own business, he decided to work for a jewelry store so that he could get a feel for that environment. Kevin liked the retail aspect of working with individuals and couples who were looking for an engagement ring, but he could see that the customers were never really comfortable in the jewelry store environment. The experience was never truly personal, and no matter what, the customer always had his or her guard up. He also felt morally like he wasn’t doing the right thing by having to charge such high amounts for something he knew they could be getting at a much better price. Again, a light bulb went off in Kevin’s head. What if people could pay the same wholesale prices that a jewelry store pays and at the same time get the private individualized attention they deserve?

Brilliance In Diamonds – The Engagement Specialists was born out of the concept of combining the best of both the wholesale and retail worlds. The personal attention paid to every customer leaves you thinking that you are the only person Kevin is working with at the time. The non-jewelry store and 1-on-1 environment let you relax and truly share what it is that you are looking for. And the best part is that you never have to pay the expensive jewelry store markup. The prices you pay are at or below the low wholesale prices a jewelry store normally pays for its inventory.

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