How To Propose The Right Way

What does it take? 1,000 Balloons? Five dozen roses? Candlelit dinner? A ring hidden in some sort of food?

The answer is simple: maybe.

Maybe your bride-to-be wants this once-in-a-lifetime moment to be in your favorite restaurant or at the place you first met. Perhaps she wants to be surprised with a weekend getaway and proposed to on bent knee in front of a roaring fire place with rose petals on the floor.

Though it is still possible … maybe she doesn’t. Just like we have talked about how important it is for your ears and eyes to be tuned in to what she says about diamond shape, gold color, and side stones you also should be tuned into what would make the perfect moment for her.

will-you-marry-meRemember – she has to tell this story for the rest of your lives … but no pressure! Maybe, just maybe, it’s something simple. Maybe it’s a day filled with your normal activities and a meeting at some random hour with a heartfelt explanation of why you want her hand in marriage followed by the question. It could be as simple as spelling it out on your favorite board game as one man did.

What about social protocol and asking the father’s permission?

Again, it’s all up to your future wife. Does she place a heavy amount of value in her family’s opinion and have major life decisions included their input? IF so – it’s a must. Not asking here would be foolish – chances are she’s already talked to her dad about it.

If she is extremely liberal and doesn’t have a close-knit family, then she may not appreciate your precious news being forecast before she knows it.

If she is on the fence perhaps instead of asking permission you simply make her father and mother aware that you are going to ask for her hand, leaving the permission part out of it and more of a statement of your intent.

Ultimately, it is all about her. Your comfort zones and expectations of what you think the perfect day should be should be in complete alignment with her desires.

We’re more than just concerned about getting you the perfect ring, we want you to make the perfect memory. As we talk about your ring’s features, our Engagement Specialists will begin to learn more about your tastes and her ideas. Let us help you through the most crucial proposal you’ve ever given.