About Us

At Brilliance In Diamonds – The Engagement Specialists our primary goal and focus are simple. We want to guide you through the process of creating the perfect engagement ring at a wholesale price. While the overall goal may be simple, there are many important steps to ensure everything goes right when creating the special ring she will love for a lifetime.


We view every single creation as a partnership between you and us. Any great partnership consists of both sides listening to each other and communicating effectively. We accomplish this through the unique 1-on-1 consultative approach we incorporate with our customers. Whether it is by text message, phone, or from our office in Metairie, our objective is to walk you through the steps from start to finish. Which shape diamond should I get? What are the 4 C’s of diamonds? Which type of setting will look best on her finger? These are just a few examples of questions you may have, and this is where we like to think we truly shine. Day or night from New Orleans to anywhere in the U.S., The Engagement Specialists are always available to answer any questions you may have. Think of us as your personal diamond engagement ring consultants.


Every guy dreams of being able to present the best and most beautiful ring to his girlfriend when he proposes. Even celebrities have a budget of how much they want to spend on a diamond engagement ring. You’ll want to maximize your budget and get the most diamond ring for your money. At Brilliance In Diamonds – The Engagement Specialists we don’t believe in the outrageous jewelry store retail markup. Every diamond we have and every ring we create are all at or below wholesale prices. You will be truly amazed by how far your budget will take you when you partner with us.


Anyone can sell you a ring at a retail price. Brilliance In Diamonds – The Engagement Specialists strive to do the opposite. The wholesale prices we offer will leave you knowing you gave her the best possible ring imaginable. We want to be right by your side as we create something special that will leave her in awe when you get down on one knee.

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